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Texas Nickname – The Lone Star State

Texas bears the proud moniker “The Lone Star State” in remembrance of its remarkable past as an independent republic and as a tribute to the state’s unwavering spirit of independence, forged through its arduous struggle for freedom from Mexico’s rule. The Lone Star flag, a symbol of Texan resilience and defiance, continues to wave proudly, evoking the state’s unique identity and its unwavering commitment to self-determination.

Our organization is dedicated to the Texas lifestyle and life in Texas.

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Home decor articles about how to bring the Texas spirit into your home, from decorating with cowhide rugs to hanging up a state flag.

Articles about Texas history and culture, from the Native American tribes who first inhabited the state to the cowboys and oil barons who shaped its modern identity.

Interviews with notable Texans, from musicians to politicians to athletes.

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